Papers for the gravity segment of SIO226, Intro to Marine Geophysics, 2015

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Natalya Gomez, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Mark E. Tamisiea, and Peter U. Clark, A New Projection of Sea-Level Change in Response to a Collapse of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.

This paper shows the rise in sea levels in the world oceans due to melting of ice sheets.

Smith and Sandwell, 1994,Bathymetric prediction from dense satellite altimetry and sparse shipboard bathymetry

This paper describes how the maps of gravity and bathymetry are made from satellite altimetry.

Suzanne N. Lyons, David T. Sandwell, Walter H. F. Smith, Three-dimensional estimation of elastic thickness under the Louisville Ridge

Uses gravity and bathymetry data to estimate elastic thickness.

Valérie Ballu Jacques Dubois Christine Deplus Michel Diament Sylvain Bonvalot,Crustal structure of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge south of the Kane Fracture Zone from seafloor and sea surface gravity data

Combine seafloor and sea-surface gravity data to estimate densities of seafloor structure.